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Teacher-librarians and school libraries, indeed, the wider professions of librarianship and education, exist in a world of constant change. Staying abreast of these changes is a major challenge and much is made of being aware of the next new direction, medium or approach. Synergy aims to be one voice, amongst the myriad of options, offering advice and ideas. The journal itself is not immune to change either. It is hoped that it models ways to embrace change and encourages readers to explore opportunities by offering thoughtful discussion and meaningful information. Change also affects the contents of the journal; nothing lasts forever. Consequently, in this edition, we signal changes to two of our regular sections.
The first change is momentous. Professor Ross Todd has been writing the Reflections and Actions section of Synergy for a considerable length of time. He has completed, with the article in this edition, 17 pieces for this section of the journal – two per annum for over eight years. This is an incredibly generous effort on his part, particularly when you consider he has kept this up while contributing to our profession at an elite level in a multitude of ways. Ross is poised to take up the Chair in the Department of Library and Information Science in the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Such a high responsibility role requires changes to his already significant workload and, for this reason, Professor Todd will cease to write our Reflections and Actions section, with his final piece in this current edition of the journal. However, we are thrilled that, despite the considerable responsibilities of his new role, Ross has agreed to remain with us on the board of Synergy. We look forward to his continuing role and value his input on the future directions of the journal.
On behalf of the SLAV community and the board of Synergy, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ross publicly for his constant support of the journal and his extraordinary effort in always writing pieces that never fail to inform, inspire and cause one to reflect.  
This edition of the journal sees another change to one of our regular sections. Beginning in this issue, Miffy Farquarhson will be joining us to reflect on all things technology in a renamed but familiar section. Miffy has agreed to take on the role of regularly contributing to the newly named ‘Online Life’ section, and we welcome her to the role knowing she will bring her high levels of knowledge and enthusiasm to the task. We would like to thank Tania Sheko for writing this section (titled ‘Technophilia’ during her tenure) since Issue One in 2013. I know everyone has appreciated Tania’s insights and ideas and the commitment which she bought to the section’s focus on technology in the world of education and, more specifically, the school library.
This edition of the journal offers readers articles from both the US and Canada, as well as some fantastic pieces from experts here at home. I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to this edition for their insight and generosity in sharing so readily with our readership. 
We are now planning editions of the journal for 2015. If there is an issue you would like us to explore, a great commentator you feel we should include, or a strategy or approach you think is worthy of an article, please do let me know. We are always open to suggestions as we seek to make Synergy relevant and accessible, as well as focused, knowledgeable and thought-provoking.
Dr Susan La Marca
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