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By Bronwyn Macdonald and Alison Birchall   

As more and more wonderful books are published it is getting harder and harder to remember all of the titles that we have read and would love to present to our students. At first we thought that simple genre lists that were available to the teacher-librarians would help. The idea was that we could grab the lists during our reading classes and use them as prompts when talking one-on-one with students. Luckily, we have a gen Y member of staff and the idea morphed into something much more.



Once we have decided upon a genre and year level to focus on, all of the teacher-librarians collaborate and contribute titles that they have read and would recommend. Then Alison puts them all into a PowerPoint presentation complete with a picture of the book cover and a short blurb. As we also use SOLO Taxonomy at Westbourne we have included green stars to indicate books that we think would be a challenge for students, books that would take them into the Relational and Extended Abstract levels in SOLO by encouraging them to deepen their learning and conceptual understanding. 



We have found that we as the teacher-librarians are not the only ones using these cards. The students have eagerly embraced the flip cards and use them as a tool to find books on their own.



Once the PowerPoint has been completed: 

  • the slides are printed four to a page, in landscape orientation;
  • Sheets are laminated;
  • Each individual book ‘slide’ is then cut out;
  • Slides are hole punched and then attached to a ring, so that staff or students can flip through them for recommendations.



Alison Birchall is a Teacher-Librarian at Westbourne Grammar School; Bronwyn Macdonald is the Director of Information Services at Westbourne Grammar School.