SLAV Website – ‘Members’ Section Now Live Print E-mail
By Joy Whiteside   
It is almost a year since the launch of the new SLAV website. Developments have continued throughout that time, with additional resources and pages added to the site as the content became available. The most recent and significant website development has been the ‘members’ section, which was launched at the first SLAV Council meeting early in 2015.
All SLAV members are now invited to log onto the website to access ‘members-only’ resources. These include presentations and resources from SLAV professional learning events, and the SLAV journals FYI and Synergy. Members can participate in a ‘members discuss’ section, which is an online discussion space designed to enable members to share ideas, learning, questions, and current issues. The SLAV council members were pleased to trial the use of this discussion space during their February strategic planning meeting. Council meeting minutes are also available for members to access and read.
Another benefit of this new development is that SLAV Council members (the SLAV branch conveners) are now able to update the details of the meetings for their specific branch. This will enable them to keep all branch members informed of announcements and meeting plans. For details of your branch meetings, click on the Branches tab on the website and scroll down to the link to your branch.


Dr Susan La Marca has been gathering information from SLAV members about their willingness to be involved in the mentoring of colleagues. This information is currently being collated and will be available in the ‘members-only’ section soon. The purpose of this is to assist members of our profession to further develop their skills and expertise by tapping into the expertise of their more-experienced colleagues.

To register as a member

Current SLAV membership is required to register as a member on the website. Details of personal and school membership fees are on the website on the About Membership page. By now, all members should have received an email inviting them to click on a link to register as a member on the website. If you haven’t activated your membership as yet, click on this member registration link. Enter a username that enables you to be clearly identified to your SLAV colleagues. Select your school from the drop-down menu. After registering, you will receive an email that confirms that you have applied to register as a member. Once your membership has been approved and activated by the SLAV secretariat, you will receive a second email with a link to login to the SLAV website as a member. You will then have full access to the resources for members while your membership is current. Membership is renewed annually. 
Joy Whiteside is the SLAV Website Manager and a valued and experienced member of our profession.