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Reading by Right: Successful Strategies to Ensure Every Child can Read to Succeed

Court, J. (Editor) (2017) 
Facet: London, UK.
256 pages
ISBN 9781783302093



Teaching children to read and encouraging them to become enthusiastic readers is one of the most important objectives of school and library programs. Teachers and librarians design programs and create strategies to achieve this objective. These programs and strategies have been developed out of experience in the practice of teaching reading and encouraging reluctant children to read. The collection of articles in this book describe practical strategies that will improve the literacy outcomes of children. 

Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP: the Library and Information Association) is the publisher of this collection. The fourteen authors of this edited book are education academics, librarians, teachers, school librarians and a publisher. They are collectively referred to as ‘library and education professionals’ and they bring a breadth and wealth of knowledge and practical experience to this collection. Readers of this book can choose to read it from cover to cover or select chapters that suit their current interests and needs.

The intention of the book is not to cover new ground however; its purpose is to describe tried and true methods of encouraging reluctant readers to ‘discover’ reading as a pleasurable pastime. The book addresses the topic of what is a reluctant reader and what makes a reluctant reader. Although the findings are not ground breaking, they are informative and should provide the reader with clarity when addressing the topic of reading and encouraging reading within their school with colleagues. 

A key viewpoint of the collection is that children are more likely to have a positive attitude towards reading if they are given choice in what they read, have conversations about their reading with interested adults and have access to librarians and a well-resourced library for their reading material. The intended audience of this collection is librarians and education professionals designing ways that ensure all children are given the best opportunity to learn to read well.

The strategies described in this collection are well grounded in evidence. Case studies are a particularly useful tool used to elaborate on the strategies described. Several of the strategies can be described as being ‘trite’, but this is perhaps due to the nature of the collection. These strategies are those that have been successful over time and therefore will have been discussed many times by education and library professionals.


Reviewed by Christine Lean
Member of the Synergy Board
Teacher Librarian
Christian College