An Enriching Partnership – The IASL Partner Member Association Program Print E-mail
By Dianne Ruffles   
The School Library Association of Victoria recently joined IASL as a partner member association. For a very reasonable fee this commits SLAV to three years of membership as a partner association and entitles the members of SLAV to a range of benefits.
Though this partner membership it is not the same as our SLAV members being a personal member – SLAV partner membership members cannot vote, for instance – there are a range of very valuable benefits made available to SLAV members that are very attractive. SLAV’s Committee of Management chose to join up in this way as it was felt that access to the members only area of the IASL website, the IASL newsletter and School Libraries Worldwide – to name a few of the benefits – were professional learning opportunities well worth investing in for our members.

. . . opportunities that can . . . open up connections to both school libraries around the world, various international activities and a diversity of ideas.

SLAV Committee of Management felt that by joining as an association and promoting the benefits to members in our association we might open up avenues for our members to the broader community of school librarianship beyond our own state of Victoria in Australia. Understanding school librarianship in other countries, making connections, and learning about the school libraries in other parts of the world are benefits we hope SLAV members will embrace. These are opportunities that can extend professional understanding and open up connections to both school libraries around the world, various international activities and a diversity of ideas.
As well as this, SLAV wants to be part of the broader community, and in joining IASL as a partner member association our state association is in some small way supporting the excellent work of the International Association to further school librarianship on the global stage.
On Saturday March 17 SLAV’s governing body, its Council, came together for a meeting. At this meeting the welcome letter to the association from Katy Manck, IASL President, as a new partner association was shared. Cake, with appropriate SLAV and IASL logos, was also shared!
SLAV council members are now keen to share the word about this new initiative with the wider membership of SLAV and to encourage all of our members to take advantage of the benefits it awards them. We look forward to a fruitful partnership between SLAV and IASL.
Dianne Ruffles is the President of SLAV and a teacher-librarian at Melbourne Grammar School.