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By Dr Susan La Marca   

In this edition of Synergy we publish Cecile Murray’s action plan, created on behalf of SLAV in response to the School Libraries National Inquiry. The report by Cecile is an excellent summary of SLAV’s response to the various sections of the inquiry and offers a great deal of useful advice in regards to advocacy for the profession. Murray’s report appears in a range of SLAV communication forums including the ning created by the SLAV Reference Group on the National Inquiry to facilitate discussion and interaction.

The conversation around the inquiry continues in Synergy with Professor Ross Todd’s regular piece focusing on the importance of harnessing the discussion and providing evidence to support our arguments in support of school libraries. As always, his words are both informative and inspiring.

As usual Synergy incorporates a range of discussions that centre on current developments in school libraries. Anne Whisken and Camilla Elliott both explore the nature of libraries and how to best meet the needs of our school communities through effective use of current technologies and best practice. As we all strive to support our schools, these discussions are thought-provoking, offering an insight into a range of possibilities. Joy Board also engages with a current topic exploring her schools foray into the world of ebook provision, another very useful article about an area with which I know many of us are currently grappling. Our association is fortunate to have collegiate members such as Anne, Joy and Camilla who are prepared to share their experiences and expertise.

Our overseas contributions offer us windows into how other areas around the world are coping with issues that we all face. Faisal, from India, shares with us his award-winning foray into the world of web 2.0 tools, showing how his initiatives have revolutionised his library service. Ann Ewbank, from the US, has allowed us to reprint her research article on advocacy, a topic that is uppermost in the minds of many as we work towards realising the aim of quality school libraries for all students.

Synergy is a journal that survives on the strength of its community. We aim to respond to the issues and discussions of the moment by airing useful views, research and examples of best practice. In this edition we also include seven professional reviews that discuss a range of current resources which can offer another form of professional development to all members of our library teams.  

Please enjoy this latest edition; we hope you take away from it valuable insight that will help you to further improve the learning that happens in your library spaces. Let us know what you would like to read about or share with others in 2013. Your input is always appreciated.

Dr Susan La Marca