Thank you Dr Susan Boyce

At the end of 2016 Susan Boyce announced that she would be leaving the Synergy board. Susan was amongst the first board members of Synergy starting with the journal at the very beginning in 2003. Susan will be missed. She was a consistently hard working supporter of the journal. Suggesting authors, refereeing submissions, and writing very thought provoking, knowledgeable articles on various topics. Susan always encouraged serious, academic consideration of our profession and its directions and her high standard of contribution to the journal and the profession should be acknowledged.


New board members

Two members of our profession have agreed to join the Synergy board. We are thrilled to be able to thank Pru Mitchell and Dr Rosemary Abbott for adding this role to their already busy lives. We know both of them will contribute a great deal to the board’s deliberations and we welcome their future input. 


New author for Online Life section

At the end of 2016 Miffy Farquarhson decided to not continue as the author of the Online Life section of Synergy. Miffy had written the section since the second issue of 2014 and her ideas and observations have been excellent. Her efforts are appreciated. The board are incredibly pleased to be able to welcome Sue Osborne to the role for 2017. We know Sue will do an excellent job writing for the journal and look forward to reading her work. Sue’s generosity in fitting this role into her busy work life is appreciated.


New author for Reflections and Actions section

We also welcome a new guest author for 2017 to the Reflections and Actions section of the journal. This year our guest will be Hanna Chaterina George, the executive officer of APISI (Association of School Information Professionals Indonesia) and the current Regional Director for Asia of the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL). It is hoped that Hanna will bring an interesting voice to the journal.


Issue one, 2017

This issue of the journal is very international and diverse in its contents. We have articles either from or about Hong Kong, Croatia, Indonesia, Serbia, Japan, Finland and USA. The journal contains something for everyone – articles that are practical and others that are thoughtful and inspiring. Enjoy!


Dr Susan La Marca