Learning Landscapes articles by this author have shared a journey followed by school library staff across the world, as we transform our thinking and practices in school libraries to meet changing demands of school communities, while still holding firm to well established understandings about the role played by the school library to develop a love of reading and expert information literacy practices. The articles have covered both digital and hard copy resourcing, with a particular focus on one school’s evolution of practices and spaces as a case study representative of that broader community.

At Carey Baptist Grammar School, the Principal and School Board determined to build a new Centre for Learning and Innovation, with a new library at its core, and the author has documented her research to inform the design process. This final article provides opportunity for reflection a year after moving in, about what was asked for and why, how the spaces are being used, what is best and what might be changed. It follows the practice advised by Hilary Hughes’s participatory library design, (2015), where we ever ask, ‘What now?’.