Literacy is a hot topic. The need for strong literacy skills is certainly not diminishing in a time where we have become increasingly reliant on screen-mediated written content. To meet our young people’s needs both now and in the future, we need to ensure that we equip them with strong literacy skills and also the will to actively maintain their literacy development into adulthood and beyond. Both skill and will are needed, because attainment of a functional literacy skill level is not enough; US research exploring the impact of reading hiatus over the summer vacation period suggests that literacy skills can be lost when not exercised (e.g. Allington et.al., 2010; Mraz & Rasinski, 2007). The link between literacy and academic and vocational performance is well known (ABS, 2013; Daggett & Hasselbring, 2007; Kirsch et al., 2002; Marks, McMillan & Hillman, 2001; OECD and Statistics Canada, 2000).