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Noborimoto, Y. (2019). Fostering Information Literacy through Inquiry-Based Learning in Japan. Synergy, 16(1). Retrieved from https://slav.vic.edu.au/index.php/Synergy/article/view/v16120186


The rapid progress of information technology has changed the manner, quantity and speed of information transmission, altering our lives significantly. Information technology will continue to change greatly within our own lifetimes, such as in the utilisation of accumulated data and the development of artificial intelligence. In an information rich society, called a knowledge-based society, information can overwhelm, and it is necessary to have the ability to critically examine data and extract necessary information.

When conveying an opinion, it is necessary to not only state our assertion but to also convey that this is based on appropriate information. With the advent of an information society, the environment surrounding children is changing dramatically. Children must acquire information literacy to gain information, understand information, and to utilise it in persuading others.