Vol. 20 No. 2 (2022)

What’s working? A case study of an exemplary school library district program in a 1:1 device setting

September 22, 2022


The role of the school librarian (SL) is evolving to better meet the needs of a school in an increasingly digital learning environment. This case study research of an exemplary district-level library program in the United States, explores what is working by examining the valued competencies of SLs and contextual factors that enable strong library programs in 1:1 device settings. The findings suggest that SLs are expected to be change agents, relationship builders, curriculum developers, and creators of virtual library services. Critical contextual factors are district buy-in, rebranding, and an integrated approach to library services. The findings could inform curricular improvements for educator preparation programs and professional developers as well as increase SLs’ understanding of how they can strengthen their own practice and raise administrators’ awareness of the powerful ways they can support the school community. 

School Library Association of Victoria |