Perspectives: Local

Vol. 15 No. 2 (2017)

Teacher-librarians, Teachers and the 21st Century Library: Relationships Matter

May 6, 2019


Moving in to a new library has the effect of focussing the mind on what should be going on within its walls. The ideas for this article emerged from doing just this and considering the ways in which the members of the library team would now develop and deliver library programs. While those of us who work in school libraries aspire to working in a new space, my experiences since the library opened two years ago suggest that the dynamic is likely to change when the library team is operating in that new space. Certainly, immediately after the opening of the new building in which the library is situated, the focus was on the architectural design, and the light open spaces. It was all very different to the 1970s building in which the library had previously been located.

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